About Us

Pushpadantha is the name of the celestial Gandharva who has the power of blessing. Once he was punished for stealing flowers, that were meant to be used in the prayer rituals of Shiv. When an enraged Shiv cursed him, Pusphpadant seeks penance and composes the Shiv Mahim Strotra to please him and seek pardon.

He is also called the vehicle of kuber, with the attributes of blooming and expanding. He fulfils all desires of growth in life, nourishment and fragrance in life by his powers and that of Varuna.

According to Jain belief, Puṣpadanta who was born to King Sugriva and Queen Rama at Kakandi (modern Khukhundoo, Deoria, Uttar Pradesh) to the Ikshvaku dynasty. became a siddha and an arihant, a liberated soul that has destroyed all of its karma.

Our Vision

Generating Happiness in Lives…

Our Mission

Balancing the Elements of Nature for Achievement of Goals.

Our Experts

Vastu & Astro Expert

Mr. KV Reddy (KV) was born on 20th March 1970 in Rajahmundry, which is situated on the banks of river Godavari. He did his post-graduation from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. He started Pushpadantha a purposeful firm in Vedic Science. Since its inception, it has slowly gained the momentum and recognition it deserves and heading towards where it is destined to be. Pushpadantha is working towards upholding the values of Vastu Shastra, Jyotish, and Numerology providing training and facilitating consultancy for the public and for those who believes in them.

There are individuals who are born to help those people in need to live a right path, they evolve with right intention and foray to help people who require the timely help. It is in that order Mr. KV Reddy, is one among us, who has come out to help those people who are in need. He is no saint or an incarnation or even a manifestation, a simple man with family and humble thoughts.

As simple as his life, he not has raised the banner to tell the world that, he was make of this breed but,had a organic growth like most us and he is among us, where he nurtured his hobbies of Vastu and astrology, which is then carried along with his career, by invoking knowledge and blessing of his beloved guru Dr. Kushdeep Bansal ji and several other writers.

His quest for knowledge, is a right one, which helped him to understand complex field like mysticism, occult sciences not for employing them but to bring the balance, by providing the value driven consultation on modern Vastu and Astrology techniques, he leverages technology to provide right solution, as guided by his guru Gurusakh Dr Kushdeep Bansal ji, who has done research on the astrology and Vastu, and their combination, Mr. Reddy followed in his footsteps and got enlightened by his approach and a staunch disciple of his guru and learned the art Mahavastu, also involved in doing continuous research on Vastu with astrology, Mr Reddy is passionate about his findings and teachings. He is committed to build a happy society for the believes in Mystic Science, the most powerful tools, that will aid him to bring happiness to the sadden lives and for those who approach. He is pushing his own limits and trying to bring happiness to lives of people....

Professional Career :

By being a mathematician to start with, he grew in his profession as an intelligent, as a leader and who is into world of technology where, he consulted for many MNC as a functional and process expert, he is an expert IT consultant in his own right, and by being an expert in the implementing, technologies as IOT (Internet of Things), a buzz that most people notion with it, is hard comply with, Mr KV Reddy has lived with these technologies by, employing these Geo solutions in Smart cities and established models in E-governance and played key role in National Land Records Modernization Program (NLRMP), is last but not least, he consulted for various urban and local bodies on revenue models and helped survey departments for procedural enchantment.

Mr Reddy has experience in handling a very large projects and he is having good skill set of technical and management . He has presented a number of papers in 2008 & 2009 at, World Expo meets on “Need of Geo spatial services in E Governance” & “Optimal utilization of Geo Spatial services in Municipal Administration”. He was awarded twice for his best contribution in development of indigenous Geo spatial software product for NLRMP and for E- Municipality for Bihar Government